• Peter Lloyd Culley

Welcome to Australia Designs

Thank you for taking the time to being here and I hope you find something of interest with this design venture!

It has been some time to arrive at this point due to my dalliance and weird tango with AML over the last few years but I feel ready to begin! The upside of recent history was long periods of 'thinking' time to evolve and experiment with different ideas and techniques. Australia Designs functions under two direct models of direct to patron/customer and also a wholesale B2B structure. This is then segmented to three markets of femme, homme and abode. During beta start up, I have been delighted to custom design 'objectiques' for patrons not just in Australia but the USA and Europe. I relish these opportunities and have formalised it via this website to a 'bespoke couture' service for those seeking truly bespoke custom designed items.

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