Personalised luggage tags. Engraved Australian leather.

Even if you travel economy class your luggage goes FIRST. I ship these worldwide every week.

About Australia Designs
Located in the beautiful Adelaide foothills, South Australia, Australia Designs is a multi disciplinary design entity by Peter Lloyd Culley. After two decades in the design and marketing/branding industry a life changing event saw one door close and another open.


I began to rekindle my passion for the process of designing and making 'things'.   

Two distinct business channels
1 - Artisan objects or by bespoke commission

2 - Collaborate, design, fabricate to supply 'brands' / entities at a wholesale level


The design process

An ethos of strategic, creative emotional analysis and ultimately craftsmanship. I firmly believe physical objects created via this process possess a greater intrinsic and desirable long term value than mass produced items. I strive to achieve this in every item I offer regardless of price.

"Eclectique Objectiques" - The delight in diversity

I maybe part bower bird as I have always collected 'things' or found interest in niches and revel in deriving, understanding and being inspired by them. Between mother nature and human endeavours I wish there were twenty five hours in a day!


I enjoy the process of designing and crafting jewelry, particularly earrings and pendants that make a statement beyond mere 'bling' or the 'instatrend' of the day. If you appreciate the finer things and value considered design and craftsmanship then you are my ideal patron. Every item, even if laser cut or engraved is painstakingly finished by hand to a level some may consider excessive but I refuse to compromise. I want your purchase to be treasured, valued and maybe even become an heirloom. 


Two parts to this and neither is socks or cologne. I have encountered people saying it is so difficult to find gifts for the male in their life beyond the predictable. So whether it be for yourself or 'him' I have items that are guaranteed to be appreciated. Naturally a personalised service is also available. 


If it be true that we are a product of our surroundings, then it stands to reason every object or nuance we bring into our homes has some potential effect on those that inhabit that space. Rather than fill our abodes with ikea or other enmasse items, there is the real tangible benefit of choosing quality design and craftsmanship even down to the smallest items.

Whenever designing objects, be it as small and innocuous as a fridge magnet or a bespoke wall hanging statement piece this ethos remains paramount. Not just the design but the craftsmanship, its longevity and relevance to you the patron. 


Bespoke Service Available

I am always delighted to design and craft a 'one off' piece working in collaboration with individuals or interior/fashion designers. Obviously this is on a consultative basis but do not be dissuaded by thinking this is necessarily price prohibitive. You maybe in for a surprise in how little it costs to own something no one else will ever have.



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